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The Business of the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

In light of my usual weekly podcast I have published some great stories and included links to stories regarding business and patriotic investing – enjoy!

How to upgrade your BBQ game –

Stocks to own for the next 239 years –

Six beers to give your BBQ a patriotic boost –

Weekly Business Roundup

Greece, interest rates in China, and high-speed trains.

Let’s connect the dots together!

Malls urged to embrace change

Smart developers around the world are now building projects that Underhill calls “alls” – mixed-use projects that combine apartments, hotels, dining and retail, and that give people reasons to come there other than shopping.

At The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, Underhill noted, a grassy strip in the middle of the center has become the city’s most popular play space for toddlers, drawing stroller moms and dads by the scores. But most of the examples of cutting-edge mall development these days are found outside of the United States, in places such as Dubai or Istanbul, he said.

“A-list” malls — large premium properties such as Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus — “are doing fine” and give consumers multiple reasons to go there. But there are many outdated “B and C” shopping centers around the country that “are crying to be redeveloped as ‘alls,’ ” Underhill said

Weekly Business Roundup

Twitter’s shakeup, Jurassic World, and the importance of a good idea.

Let’s connect the dots together!

Weekly Business Roundup

Environmental factors and business, the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, and what market is Apple playing catch-up in?

Let’s connect the dots together!

Weekly Business Roundup

England, “Brexit,” the battle between old tech and new tech, and the importance of linking headlines to product decisions.

Let’s connect the dots together!

If you don’t change, you’ve changed

By Eli Amdur (via The Record)

I wish I could claim to have authored that great aphorism at the head of today’s column, “If you don’t change, you have changed.” Truth be told, the best I can do is brag that it was a friend and colleague of mine, Tim Powell. Close enough. I’ll take it.

But I have – more than once – referred to this pithy realization which not only has plenty of gravitas, but great inspirational value as well. There is an awesome lesson here for anyone at any stage of his or her career.

That said, lest we remain in the realm of vagueness, talking about change in abstract ways, let’s look at four concrete examples, four cases in point