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Accounting Web How Improved Governance Accounting Can Prevent Another Yahoo (December 2015).

Accounting Today Adding Value: An Industry Approach for Accountants (November 2015)

Strategic Finance Go For the Gold! (October 2015)

 NJCPA Magazine Reporting For Non-Accountants (September/October 2015).

Accounting Web What Accountants Can Do to Keep Your Cash Safe (July 2015)

 Accounting Web 3 Ways Accountants Can Use Big Data to Fight Fraud (June 2015)

 International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research Arguing for a Multiple Capital Model. (May 2015)

 Accounting Web 4 Ways To Make Your Presentations Buzzworthy. (March 2015)

 Accounting Today. How Accountants Can Turn Data Into Dollars. (March 2015).

New Jersey CPA Magazine. B Corporations Create CPA Opportunities. (March/April 2015).

Journal of Applied Business and Economics. Accounting, Governance, Stakeholder Reporting, and Economic Value Creation, 17 No. 2 (2015).

Journal of Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Integrated Financial Reporting, and the Future of Finance, Vol. 15 No.2. (2015)

Bridging The Gap (December 2014)
(Institute of Management Accountants)

6 Types Of Capital (December 2014)

4 Crucial Steps to Help You Write More Effectively About Accounting (December 2014)
Accounting Web

Sustainability – How CPAs Can Benefit (December 2014)
(Accounting Today)

How The Finance Department Can Unlock Value (October 2014)
(Industry Week)

Corporate Finance Insider (October 2014)


AFP Monthly Exchange (August 2014)

Treasury Leads

The New York State Society of CPA’s (The CPA Journal – June 2014).

The Expanding Roles of CPA’s in a Changing Business Environment

The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (May 2014)

How finance can grow into a more strategic role

CPA Trendlines (April 2014)

Make Risk Work for You

CPA Trendlines (April 2014)

Natural Allies: How Financial Professionals Can Partner with IT

CPA Trendlines (April 2014)

Six Tips for Communicating with Non-Accountants

Main Street Finances (Spring 2014)

Main Street Finances – Financial Information for Everyone

AICPA Career Insider (March 2014)

5 Ways to Develop Soft Skills

CPA Trendlines (March 2014)

The CPA’s Responsibility in Creating Good Governance

Corporate Finance Insider (January 2014)

5 Tips for Better Business Writing

AFP Monthly Exchange (December 2013)
(page 42)

FX – Spotty Situation

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