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LEGO Marches Forward

October 8, 2014

In a global environment dominated by negative economic headlines, pessimistic growth forecasts, and declining economic progress in much of the world, it can be difficult to find an industry (or company that is truly doing well). On top of these headlines, protests in both Turkey and Hong Kong stand as proof that there is a great deal of unrest simmering just beneath the surface.

Against this backdrop, however, there is one company that virtually everyone is familiar with, can be classified as “old school,” and is decidedly un-tech.


Posting double-digit sales growth during this first half of the year, with sales jumping to just over $2 billion, the Danish toy maker has leapfrogged Mattel in terms of size and profitability. Fueled by the LEGO movie, the toy firm has benefitted from increased international exposure as well as expanded s sales lines and targets.

Although currently a privately owned corporation, possibilities doe exist that LEGO will become a publicly traded corporation — making it fun for both kids and parents!

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