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Moving on up – Feat. Samuel Adams III

September 23, 2014

I am very glad to welcome back my co-contributor and friend, Samuel Adams III!

We are also planning on more collaborations – so keep your eyes open!

                                                    Moving on up


In America today, someone can update you on the latest drama on the hit television show or reality show, Scandal, but many people cannot tell you what investments, life insurance, or assets they have after working years to accumulate them. Even with all of the changes to the investment environment over the last several years, there are still basic concepts and tenets that can form the basis of your personal financial plan. Three strategies and ideas that can help you and your loved ones attain the financial comfort and independence you deserve are:

• Get properly protected
• Get out of debt
• Become financially independent

Let’s take a deeper look at these concepts that can give you the money management skills that you need to achieve financial independence, and your slice of the American Dream.

Proper Protection

• Have the right auto and home insurance
• Have a will for your family
• Get the right kind of insurance

Debt Stacking

• Pay off one debt, using the funds to pay off the next set of debts

Financial Independence

• Pay yourself first
• Have an IRA
• The benefit of saving your money early in life
So the question is this: where do you want to be five, ten, twenty years from now?

Do you want freedom, or to continue to stay where you are?

The choice is yours.


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