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Budget Mondays

August 26, 2014

Monday – 8/25/2014

It’s Monday – a painful day for most people, yours truly included. Sometimes it is made even more painful as we remember just how much money we ended up spending over the weekend.


It’s one word that can make people cringe, angry and sad all at the same time; a rare occurrence indeed. There are plenty of reasons for this – people are told at work that their budgets are being cut, their ideas cannot be funded because they are not in the budget, and in our personal life, our budgets don’t usually quite match up to our desires.

Summertime is coming to an end, and this means the resumption of education, learning, and the return to a hectic fall schedule (when everything seems to begin simultaneously). After the relaxed pace of summertime living, it is possible that you might have developed some less than perfect budgetary habits. Combining these more relaxed spending habits with a return to a frenetic fall schedule might make these temporary mistakes permanent.

Here is a quick checklist of tips and suggestions to help get that budget back in shape:

Update your budget
Monitor and cut back on frivolous spending
Look into an 401(k) and IRA account
Set up an automatic deposit to a savings account

Happy Watching!


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