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Cars 2.0

July 2, 2014

Car 2.0

Cars are cars, right?

Over the last 20 years or so, automobile manufacturers have been adding more and more technology to cars, but this is no secret to anyone that has purchased/leased a car recently, or even had a ride in a newer car. Cars can now sync with your wireless device, give you directions, make reservations, check the stock market, and do any number of other things that are simply amazing. Technology has become more and more important to the driving and car buying experience.

That said, there is one question that comes to mind

Are car companies technology companies or auto manufacturers?

Across the world, but particularly in the U.S. and Europe, large technology companies are moving aggressively into the automobile industry. While technology has been a large part of cars for decades now, the current trend is to no longer have technology as complementar, but rather as a replacement for traditional automobiles. Traditional technology firms such as Microsoft and Google are poised to benefit, but other technology/alternative energy firms that are set to benefit from the growing usage of technology in automobiles are as follows:

-Battery makers
-Chip makers
-Software firms

So the question remains, are cars an auto industry or a tech industry?

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