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Career Sabotage

June 11, 2014


The word itself brings to mind either a James Bond type of character skulking in the shadows, corporate espionage, or otherwise nefarious characters.

Or, more typical or less exciting lives, the word sabotage usually brings to mind other people sabotaging our ideas, stealing them, or otherwise trying to undercut us during the business day.

This is not, however, the entire story. As is often the case, our worst enemy is the face that we see in the mirror every day. Dieting, self-confidence, presentation skills, and overall choice of activities are often accompanied by nagging self-doubt. Worse yet, there are those little white lies that we tell to ourselves — skipping today’s workout is not a big deal, ordering this one pizza won’t destroy your diet, or picking up that pair of shoes won’t break the budget. Those same little white lies, half-truths, and excuses can also derail your career.

Some of the most common

1) Everyone else is doing it, I should do it too.
2) I’ll stay up late and get it done.
3) I haven’t found my passion yet.
4) It’s too late to change career paths.

Here @ A Fresh Pair of Eyes, the mission is not only to educate about personal finances, but to enhance financial literacy. A part of that, obviously, is career development. Check out the article below that includes some tips and suggestions on how to defeat these mental roadblocks that might be holding you back.

Happy Reading!


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