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Jobs War

June 3, 2014

Jobs War

There is an economic war going on.

Not between the United States and China.

Not between the United States and Russia

And not even between the United States and our neighbors Mexico/Canada.

Bergen County is, as we all know, widely considered to be a bedroom community of New York City. Every morning, thousands of people from New Jersey commute every morning into New York City by train, bus, or ferry to work. Manhattan prices drive up prices across Northern New Jersey from coffee to housing, and everything in between. That economic pull and conflict is well-known, well studied, and acknowledged. There is, however, a much quieter economic war waging on a much quieter border between New Jersey and New York.

Bergen County leads to New York City but also shares an extensive border with Rockland County. In many places there is a very small, if there is any, sign indicating that you have left New Jersey and entered New York (or vice versa). That does not mean that a war for jobs, people, and capital is not being waged. Bergen County hosts major corporations such as Becton Dickinson, Samsung, BMW, A&P, and Unilever. Rockland is home to Pfizer, Verizon Wireless, and Bloomberg. Median home values, education and tax rates are all very similar.

I have included a link to an excellent piece from the middle of May that goes into this jobs war in more detail.

Happy Reading!


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