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Financial Literacy

May 15, 2014

Financial literacy is one of the key pillars at A Fresh Pair of Eyes, but what does it actually mean? Most everyone knows what finance means, and what literacy means, but how does financial literacy actually relate to everyday life? Finance, as we all know, is related to virtually everything we do on a daily basis:

1) What we earn at work
2) Where we spend our money
3) How we spend our free time
4) What we do to save for college/retirement

Finance is linked to almost every action that we, as people, take in our day-to-day lives, and this ties into the importance of financial literacy. Literacy is the ability to read and understand information, and financial literacy is the ability of people to read, understand, and use financial information. In today’s world, the sheer volume of information that is available at our fingertips it is easier than ever before to get financial information.

What good is this information, however, if you do not understand what it is and what it means to your personal financial life?

I have included a great link below from that has a great set of articles that anyone can use to brush up on their financial literacy.

Happy Reading!


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