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Russia, China, and You

March 19, 2014

Obviously there has been substantial news focusing on Russia and Crimea during the last several weeks — just this week the Russian Federation officially recognized Crimea as an autonomous nation-state, and is in the process of fully integrating the region into the nation. The tension and repercussions from these events have been reverberating around the world since this story began to unfold several months ago. In addition to the geo-political impacts that have begun to unfold since these events, there are certainly economic impacts – the Russian Federation is one of the largest trading partners of the E.U. and provides a large percentage of the natural gas and oil that the E.U. relies on. Additionally, many of the world’s largest financial institutions have significant investments and partnerships with the Russian Federation.

The possible economic repercussions of these events are substantial.

However, another story that is beginning to unfold is the growing specter of Vladimir Putin expanding his sphere of influence — just over the last few days a region in Moldova has been lobbying harder to be granted membership into the Federation. This re-establishment of a cold war era Russian bloc is looking like a very distinct possibility. In addition to this geo-political uncertainty, another trend that has been growing in both importance and coverage is the (ever so slowly) economic liberalization that is taking place in China. Increasing inflows and marketing of so-called A-shares.

A lot of to keep up with indeed.

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