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Weather Rebound

March 6, 2014

Obviously, this winter, especially in the Northeast and Midwest, has been particularly harsh on both people and organizations. Frigid temperatures, excessive accumulations of snow and ice, and high winds have resulted in widespread power outages and damage to countless homes and businesses. Heavy snow accumulations have led to shortages of rock salt and sand, with several cities (including Jersey City, NJ) making headlines simply because of this news story alone. In addition to the shortages or rock salt, the incessant plowing of streets has led to countless potholes which can cause serious damage to both vehicles and individuals.

There is, however, warm weather ahead. Daylight savings time is fast approaching, and combined with the approach of spring, is giving many people hope for an end to the snow and ice.

It is almost equally important to realize the investment opportunities that will result from the warming weather and the gradual thawing out of the country. Many analysts anticipate a strong rebound for airlines and other travel industries, and this might be enhanced due to the increased number of people who want to take a vacation to someplace warm after this winter. Retailers are potentially poised for strong comebacks — consumers have been cooped up, shopping online, and will most likely be enthusiastic to purchase new, lighter, spring clothes. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, are the opportunities in the infrastructure field. The damage to power grids and highways have been disruptive and costly to businesses, local governments, and individuals. The identification of the problem, however, could very well open the door for additional investment opportunities moving forward.

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