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Twittering Around

October 10, 2013

Twitter is going public, 140 characters at a time.

All kidding aside, Twitter is the most anticipated social media IPO following Facebook’s foray into the public markets. While not nearly as large, or as profitable, as Facebook was when the firm went public, Twitter has had a profoundly powerful impact on culture, advertising, and the rest of social media. From people speaking using the word “hastag,” (like Justin Timberlake in his hilarious skit), to the #sharknado phenomenon that was created during the summer, to the people that use Twitter actively the power of this company should not be underestimated.

One of the surprisingly useful tools that Twitter has adopted in the last 12 months is the so-called “cashtag.” Just like hashtags can be used to group topics together, cashtags can be used to lump tweets about a particular stock together. Especially when it comes to breaking news, or if you are following someone like Carl Icahn on Twitter, utilizing this feature might be an easy and effective way for you to keep an eye on any stocks you are interested in.

$GE and $APPL are two examples of how to cashtag

Here’s a thought. If you really like a particular stock, or have questions on it, simply cashtag it. You might be surprised who answers you!


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