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Weekly Roundup 7/27/2013

July 27, 2013

What a jam packed week, again! Over 70% of the S&P 500 companies reported earnings week, and so I have included a link directly to CNBC’s earnings central page, which analyzes/discusses the most prominent earnings releases, and what they mean for you and your money. In addition to the deluge of earnings, banks were in the news again, this time for buying, storing, and trading physical commodities. On top of that, their interests in power plants were revealed as some of the nation’s largest banks testified in front of Congress. China also made the news this week, as their economy slowed down to levels that have not been seen in the last decade, but what does mean for you? Housing purchasers and the market overall continues to improve even in the face of rising rates…weren’t higher rates supposed to hurt housing? Last but not least, what does the indictment of SAC mean for you? Listen below, and then read the links I have included!

Check out my podcast where I discuss all of this and more!

As promised, here are the links, Happy Reading! – earnings galore! – banks and aluminum – banks and power plants – china – china – china – rates & home buyers – SAC – SAC


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